Retail fulfilment

What is Retail Fulfilment?

With B2B you ship directly to other companies, not to a private customer. For that reason, B2B is more often about multiple, different articles and even articles in bulk. This can also be about sending pallets. An experienced fulfilment partner is therefore invaluable in retail fulfilment, in order to also be able to send larger volumes to retailers or distribution centres.

Sometimes retail fulfilment requires some extra attention, for example with customs papers to foreign shipments. With our B2B logistics, we are happy to take care of the entire process for you. Of course you also want the customer to receive their order as quickly, correctly and efficiently as possible. Fulfilment service as it should be!


Cross Docking

With B2B you can also easily use cross docking. This means that you do not use our storage. The incoming goods are immediately provided with a shipping label and unloaded at the outgoing goods. In this way you can be sure of fast processing and a smooth process thanks to perfect coordination between all parties involved. Your logistics flows are perfectly coordinated. BEfulfilment ensures safe delivery to your customers at a competitive rate.